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Nicki Vowls Artist


Nicki Vowls trained in Printed Textiles at Camberwell School of Art, and then attended Goldsmiths for her postgraduate year. Her work focuses on local heroes and their true stories. Throughout Nicki Vowls work, she returns to the theme of lifeboats. Their rescues from the Goodwin Sands and the waters around the East Kent coast ignite the imagination. The dynamic textures that lino and woodcutting produce help to add drama and danger to the images, which are based on real rescues from local waters. She has explored rescues from the Victorian times, through to the First World War. Many of the lifeboat prints that are for sale come with a story of the rescue as it happened at the time. More recently the brave exploits of local Kentish 'Little Ships', which made their daring rescues from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940, have inspired a series of prints. It seems right to celebrate these local heroes (who risked their lives, and sometimes lost them) so that their bravery will always be remembered. Visitors are always made welcome at the Salty Dog Studio. Just contact Nicki Vowls to make an appointment.

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